Innovation is at the core of all we do at Randox. We re-invest heavily into Research and Development annually which propels our ability to develop new and improved solutions. Our extensive market research ensures the products we develop fulfill the customer’s needs.

We are committed to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our innovative edge is evident in our products such as Biochip Array Technology and analysers. Such products have truly revolutionised how laboratories perform diagnostic testing. They make life easier for the clinician whilst still maintaining high quality standards and accurate, reliable results.

Through our innovative solutions we aim to provide customers with the tools to consolidate and also improve their laboratory economies. Many Randox products have been developed with the aim of allowing laboratories to consolidate, thus saving costs and storage space. Our extensive range of multi-analyte controls allows laboratories to significantly consolidate their existing controls and ultimately means they can replace numerous instrument specific controls with a single multi-analyte product.

Advantages of consolidating your QC include seeing a reduction in the number of controls used, significant savings as less controls are purchased and stocked, and fewer controls need to be prepared and managed therefore saving time and labor. This is just one example of how Randox can bring outstanding consolidation and improved economy to your laboratory. Product Managers will be on hand at our booth to explain how our diverse product range can bring these benefits straight to you.

Visit Randox at stand 79 throughout EuroMedLab 2013 in Milan